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2 years ago

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We have been married for 15 years and like most couples, our sex hardsextube life was a little stale, so they introduced new games to bring back the excitement I had felt once. We talk about our fantasies, tried a couple of toys and finally spoke to the introduction of another man in our relationship. in the first things a bit slow and like everyone else, we had our usual quota of timewasters. I find it hard to believe that when men no strings sex are offered on a plate, again and let off at the last minute. We actually had two men to us, a mid-twenties and hardsextube the other around 19 were both a bit disappointing and we talked about trying to get a man with a little more experience. Sarah is 35 and I have 45, so we both had high expectations when we had sex. Our sex life was very good and could have done without additional bit, but we think that only young once.... The more we know that an older man said, Sarah is the most excited. We have tried to tor think it would be a good age, and I thought maybe someone in his forties. Much experience, but still in relatively good shape body, so she looked at the ads on the site. Nobody really stood out as the things we did, somehow pushed into the background. One night, Sarah was going out with friends and dressed in her short skirt and the top of the usual low, with robberies and high heels. She is very curvy blonde with nice size tits, ass curves, shoulder-length hair. I felt the usual pains of jealousy when she walked out the door. went to bed very early and was asleep when he got home around 11:30 hours. I heard the door open and thought that everything should break when he was very strong. I heard the stairs and opened the door of the room and sat on the edge of the bed. She said it was a surprise, and I 'd be okay with it. She had met a couple guys and brought them back, as sometimes above it, which had just Tha fatasisedt. I had always hardsextube thought the idea interesting, looking at her with a bunch of guys. She said they were a bit higher than they had before and it was very hot and wanted her watch through the crack in the door, and then seduced her. had told them was gone and had a nanny who stayed, and slept in the hardsextube guest room. She had to check to make sure they come to sleep children. We walked together down the stairs, there was only the sound of hardsextube a set of steps and entered the room, opened the hardsextube door almost closed behind her. I looked and saw a guy sitting hardsextube in the chair, and I was quite hardsextube surprised to see he was well into his sixties. I looked at the others and saw that he was also the same age. I know we talked before, but not that old. sat side by side on the couch and poured them each a glass of wine and talked for about 10-15 minutes. The name was Steve by her side, and thand other was Dave. It was not long before the talk was about sex and Steve put his hand on Sarah 's knee, and she did the same for him. He bent and kissed her, and she responded by opening his mouth and put his tongue in his. His hand slipped on his leg and spread her legs a bit to upload. Dave was on the hardsextube edge of his seat and looked as if he was not sure if I should be there. Suddenly he got up and sat on the other side of Sarah, who immediately stopped kissing and started to kiss Steve.. His hand went straight to her breasts and then two of her breasts felt by the tip of the probe. Steve opened the buttons on the head, and leaned forward so that could not be removed, one on each arm. Dave 's hand was between her legs and pulled them apart, so that she had her leg over the edge of it. He put his hand directly in your pants and I could see his fingers move aside and start playing with your kitty. I realized that it was a wetd put their hands on their cocks
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